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Living Cultural Solutions provide solutions to meet different needs:

• Strategic Planning for businesses
• Consultancy on The Whole-Organisation Approach to Diversity Awareness
• Capacity building for community organisations and statutory bodies

Areas of Research

• Culture and Religion
• World Religions
• Ecumenism and Education
• Migrant-Led Churches in Ireland
• Pluralism and the Education Philosophy of John Amos Comenius
• The Intercultural Philosophy of John Amos Comenius


• Cultural Intelligence Training for Managers
• Culture-Specific Training for Businesses
• Culture-Specific Training for Community Organisations
• Intercultural Training for Healthcare Providers
• Cultural Competence Training for Schools
• Intercultural Awareness training

Speaker for Events

Lectures on business strategy, culture, racism and religion

Unconscious Bias

“This two-day workshop, Unconscious Bias (UB) training is designed to help staff/workers/team-leaders optimise the benefit of working in or building a diverse workforce. With the workplace becoming increasingly diverse, more and more the modern worker is thrown together with co-workers from different backgrounds and identities.  Unaware of their biases, the worker may unwittingly perpetuate attitudes of discrimination on the basis on “race”, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or other protected categories. UB training will enable the worker to develop the knowledge and ability to mitigate the effect of rampant biases when working in a diverse setting.”

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Racism Awareness for managers

“The objective of the course is to raise awareness of the emergence of racism as a modern problem and to help participants define racism and to identify and respond appropriately to a racist incident in the workplace. The training will equip mangers with the knowledge to understand racism and help them develop skills needed to create a workplace culture where racism is not tolerated”

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