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Livingstone on the BBC


Understanding Prejudice - 12 Seconds to Decide


Livingstone Thompson has published several books and papers. Here is a brief selection. Some are available on Amazon, others can be purchased directly from this site.

Jamaica in the 21st century

When we forget, we run the risk if reinventing the wheel. Jamaica in the 21st Century: Revisiting the First Decade is a challenge and a reminder, lest we forget what ground has been covered in Jamaica’s social, political and religious life, particularly at the onset of the 21st century.

Speaking from the heart

Speaking from the heart is a collection of a series of reflections designed for daily use by those who contemplate issues about the Bible and faith. Livingstone draws on his Jamaican roots to illuminate the meaning of Christ for people in many cultures.

A Protestant Theology of Religious Pluralism

A Protestant Theology of Religious Pluralism depicts a Christian approach to other religions.

A formula for conversation

A Formula for Conversation presents accounts of conversations about pressing topics between Christians and Muslims.