It's not just service with a smile but service with cultural sensitivity.

In an increasingly global world and with growing diversity among customers, tourism organisations have been turning to cultural training, as a way to strengthen organisational capacity to enter new markets, lead diverse teams and deliver culture-sensitive service.

A lack of cultural awareness

A survey conducted in June 2014 revealed that 70% of Hotel managers and 80% of hotel staff in Dublin have had no cultural awareness training.
Lack of cultural awareness dected in:

Hotel managers


Hotel staff


This is about to change with our Cultural Competence Training for managers of tourism organisations.

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Livingstone Thompson of Living Cultural Solutions, Ltd. Dr Thompson developed the Malta Tourism Authority manual on Diversity Management in the tourism section and delivered cultural training to over 100 managers across the whole range of tourism organisations. He has been conducting cultural training for tourism organisations in the Caribbean, Ireland and Malta.

Examples of training feedback

Click on the links below to download the training reports and the analysis of participants feedback on recent training:

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    Cultural Competence for Hotel Managers:

    Developing Culture-sensitive Service

    Workshop outcomes:

    • Knowledge of intercultural communication
    • Knowledge of cultural values in tourism markets
    • Ability to apply cultural knowledge to service delivery
    • Knowledge of the impact of culture on decision-making
    • Ability to apply training to managing culturally diverse staff

    You can opt to have a telephone consultation, an onsite visit or a workshop.