Cultural Competence
for Managers

Developing Culture-sensitive Service

It's not just service with a smile but service with cultural sensitivity.

In an increasingly global world and with growing diversity among customers, tourism organisations have been turning to cultural training, as a way to strengthen organisational capacity to enter new markets, lead diverse teams and deliver culture-sensitive service.

Living Cultural Solutions Ltd is a training agency, with considerable experience delivering cultural training and offering consultancy to organisations in Europe and the Caribbean. Through our Triple A training we show hotels and other tourism organisations how to improve service quality and productivity through the delivery of culture-sensitive service. This is a smart way to increase cultural knowledge, strengthen intercultural skills and develop appropriate cultural attitudes. Read more.....

About LCS

Living Cultural Solutions specializes in intercultural training, cultural awareness and cultural competence training, diversity awareness and management training. We provide support to businesses and organisations in how to optimise the benefit of cultural diversity to improve efficiency and productivity. Our training solutions help to create a culture-sensitive workplace for the delivery of excellent customer service. Through tailor-made cultural solutions we help eliminate misunderstandings and conflicts that may arise in a diverse workforce.

We Offer Training and Consultancy to:

Specific Training for:

General Cultural Awareness and Anti-racism Training

The Whole Organisation Approach to Anti-Racism and Cultural Awareness

Cultural Intelligence Training for Managers

Intercultural Training for Healthcare Providers

Cultural Training with Travellers